Four Risk Assessment Sites

Risk Assessment Saved Time, Money & Avoided Disruptive Remediation

A large petroleum retailer operating multiple stations throughout Ohio had been using both Flynn Environmental and another consultant to complete corrective actions at its release sites.  After realizing that Flynn was generally achieving No Further Action (NFA) status quicker and more cost effectively than the other consultant, the company took four projects away from the other consultant and asked Flynn to complete them.

Flynn was Achieving NFA Status Quicker and more Cost Effectively!

The other consultant had conducted risk assessments at all four sites and developed site-specific target levels (SSTLs) for the remaining soil and groundwater contamination.  They had recommended intrusive remediation at two of the sites at estimated costs of $35,000 and $52,000.  The remedial work was unsuccessfully implemented at one of those sites before Flynn took over.  They recommended continued monitoring at the third site, which they had already been working on for ten years, and they produced a risk assessment that was not approved by BUSTR at the fourth site.

  • Risk Assessment by the Other Consultant Failed
  • Remediation that was Implemented by the Other Consultant Failed
  • Continued Monitoring with No End in Sight was Proposed

Rather than repeating remedial activities that failed or monitoring sites for years on end, Flynn re-evaluated all four of the risk assessments conducted by the other consultant.  Flynn collected additional data at two of the sites and used existing data at the other two to raise SSTLs orders of magnitude above those developed by the previous consultant.  These activities resulted in SSTLs above the remaining contamination at all of the sites.  In the end, the costly and intrusive remediation and years of monitoring proposed by the other consultant were never necessary.  All sites received NFA status without any remediation and at a great savings in cost to the client.

  • Flynn Raised SSTLs 2 to 3 Orders of Magnitude
  • Flynn’s SSTLs Exceeded the Remaining Contamination at all 4 Sites
  • Remediation was Never Necessary
  • Flynn Achieved NFA at all 4 sites in Less Time and for Less Money