Remediation System

Dual Phase Extraction System Design, Construction, & Operation

Flynn Environmental designed, constructed, and installed a dual phase groundwater extraction (DPE) system tailored to the site.  Our staff electricians custom designed and built the system electrical panels, and the system was constructed in house by our remedial technicians.  These capabilities help reduce both start up costs and operation and maintenance costs due to our familiarity with the system components.  After operating the system for only one year, chemical of concern concentrations were reduced below target levels.  It took less than three years to design the system, construct the system, install the system, reduce chemical of concern concentrations through the operation of the system, complete all post system shutdown quarterly groundwater monitoring events, and receive No Further Action status.  All costs were reimbursed by the Petroleum Underground Storage Tank Release Compensation Board.

All Costs Were Reimbursed by the Insurance Fund

  • Remedial Action Plan
  • DPE System In-House Construction
  • DPE System Operated Only 1 Year
  • NFA