UST Corrective Actions (Risk Assessment)

Another environmental consulting firm proposed remediation at this Ohio release site with estimated costs well over $50,000. Due to the magnitude and extent of the contamination, it is likely that the proposed course of action would have had to have been repeated, doubling or tripling their estimated remediation costs and extending the project.

The client, who was not covered by insurance, felt that the previous consultant was not working in their best interest. Flynn Environmental was hired to achieve NFA status in a more cost effective manner.  

  • Used an Affidavit to Confirm the Absence of a Potable Water Well
  • Extended the Point of Exposure
  • Fate and Transport Modeling
  • Statistical Analysis
  • NFA without Remediation

Flynn determined that remediation could be avoided by re-evaluating the previous work. Without collecting any additional data, Flynn:

  • used an affidavit to confirm the absence of a potable water well,
  • extended the point of exposure and re-developed fate and transport models,
  • calibrated the fate and transport models,
  • conducted a statistical analysis on the TPH in the soil, and
  • raised all action levels above the remaining contamination.

The existing data that other consultants had used to propose over $50,000 worth of additional work that is unlikely to have resulted in an NFA was used by the experts at Flynn Environmental to achieve NFA status for a cost of $11,000 without ever visiting the site.